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LQ121S1LW01 SHARP 12.1"
Display size 31 (12.1") Diagonal cm
Active area 246.0 (H ) X 184.5 (V) mm
Pixel format 800 (H ) X 600 (V) pixel
(1 pixel=R+G+B dots)
Number of colors
(Number of gray scale level)
262, 144 colors
(64 gray scales per color)
Pixel pitch 0.3075 (H) X 0.3075 (V) mm
Pixel configuration R,G,B vertical stripe
Display mode Normally black
Unit outline dimensions 1 276.0(W)×209.0(H)×Max.11.0 (D)
Outline dimensions is shown in Fig.1
Mass Max. 800 g